Dwarven Game

A Ship Found (Sea Devils Reef Part.1)

An old Dragon that raged havoc upon the city slain, a crazy Dwarven ship captain found and his ship returned. The group walks thru the gates hailed as the heros of Lyrabar, and prepares to head out to the great open seas.


As the sun sets beneath the sea, the sounds of celebration fill the air. Our band of brothers gathers in the common room of the Unicorn’s Paws to eat, drink and lie about their adventures. A smile splits my face, I take another drink of cider, and finally I make my decision.

“Brotherrs, for that is hoow I look ‘pon every Dwarf at this table, I ’ave somethin’ ta saay. The Forge of me Heart glows bright this night as we have trooly shown the people o’ this toown what it means ta be a Dwarf. A great, an’ savage evil has been crushed by oour might and the bairns o’ Lyrrabar need no’ live in fear another season. It is with this great victory stokin’ in my fires that I ’ave come ta this decision. Noow that I ken that ye are all true of heart and solid as the Stoone, I can noow begin me duty in service to oor swoorn Laird, tha Garerl. At this time, I must take my leave an’ travel back too the stronghold. There is much work ta be doone and with our brother Bolthur leading so many new members o’ oor newly forged Clan, there are finally noow arms an’ backs enough ta begin. I will take wi’ me tha memories of oor adventures an’ ken ye now that I craft entries fer each o’ ye that will take their rightful place in the Mantle. Jargon, Brother, I leave them in yer hands ta guide an’ aid as ye see fit. Let them never forget tha Words o’ the Stone. Moradin guide yoo and temper yer soul as yoo watch o’er oor brotherhood. Should yer continuin’ adventures bring yoo all back ta oor new home, ken that you will ‘ave mead, meat an’ warm fires waiting. Fare ye well, me brothers. Be always as Stone." With that said, I stand and meet each of my sworn brothers eyes and gather my gear to take up to the room to begin preparations for my journey.
Sereggil Sereggil

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