Dwarven Game

Inn of the Weary Traveler

This is the Inn that is at the bottom of the Bear Kings mountain. It is small in with a main room a bar and a fire place. There is a full kitchen off the bar area, and 8 rooms in the back along with a small upstair area.

The Inn is owned and operated by Michael, a human of adverse height and appearance, looks to be in his mid 40’s. Michael is a bit of an odd fellow always claiming to be just a bar tender, but when travels seem to need anything he is always able to provide. He is a happy and cheerful fellow always ready to poor a drink and share one as well.

People that have stopped at the Weary Traveler have often spoken of the many changes that seem to happen in the bar. The main one being what seems to hang above the Inns fire place. There are four tales that people tell of what is over the fire place, and no one can ever quite remember which one the saw. Sword and Shield, this is the most commonly pairing that people mention. But there have been some that say the have seen a staff of burnt Ash wood with a small ruby fitted in a knot hole toward the top. There are those that also swear that they have seen a Warhammer of silver and gold crossed with some disk with animals on it, but this is commonly set aside as the people claiming to have seen this have normaly half dead when they stumbled into the bar. There is also a group to have claimed to see a Dragon Head mounted above the fire place, but this claim is looked at as the craziest one of all.


Sereggil Sereggil

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