Dwarven Game

The Hall of the Bear King

The Garerl (Bear Father) this is the dwarf that is hiring the group. The first mission is to reclaim his Hold. It was taken over by Frost Giants 100 years ago, most of his clan was whipped out. Only a handful of the clan made it out. That is when Wergar (war bear) became the clans new Garerl. There was an attempt 50 years ago to retake the Hold but it failed the last of the clans money and resources where lost, and Wergar lost his left arm while killing the “Jarl” of the Frost Giant clan and his Dragon. Sense then every 5 years he gathers group of adventures together promising fame and fortune to get them to retake the hold, and every time they fail.

Garkral (Bear Hall) was known for having there whole clan as Bear Riders. Being one of the reasons not many clans came to their help, as their clan is looked at as oddities due to their hight and chosen fighting style. They used to raise Dire Bears and use them as mounts and friends. (Wergars mount is now mounted as a trophy in the thrown room as she died saving his life) How ever many of clans tried to retake the hold for them selves as it was rumored to be rich with Mithral mines. None have as yet succeeded.

The offer for the first quest is this. Clear out the hold any thing you find on the giants is your to take with you, the treasure room and armory and anything you can’t take with you is to be left. After this job is done as promised he has maps and tomes telling of and showing the way to many many other riches and monsters.


Sereggil Sereggil

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