Dwarven Game

The Road South(Sea Devils Reef P. 1)

(This section will be for any side dialogue you wish to have on the trip, and will serve as a record of the trip)

The Group has gathered them selves up gathered supplies for the long trek(2 months)south. Both Bolthur and Golgrins homes are on the way, with planned stops at each one.


“Shield-brother Balgar, might I steal your attention for a moment on this trek? Galin Binbofil, you may be of aid to me as well: I must admit I am rather naive when it comes to the gods, but now that Odin has clearly bestowed a mighty blessing upon my wolf-friend, I would know more about him, if you will.”


[Troy, when you get a computer and can read this, note that you probably know a few tales about Odin which would be of interest to Bolthur as well]


Well to be honest with you brother, I don’t know much but I would be willing to answer any questions you have that i can.


Oh, goodness, I don’t know. I mean, Balgar, really the bulk of my knowledge is that a one-eyed god, who looks human, and has a gorgeous winged and armored angel with him, pet my Gar, said he was “one of his”…and now look at him (pointing at Gar).

What’s his basic philosophy about life? What does he stand for? Stand against?

I suppose what’s really most important is how the heck can I appropriately show Odin my gratitude for his blessing?


Our gratitude, I should say, actually. And grateful we are, mark my words.


[because of stupid work i was not there, so I have prepared this]


My dear Bolthur, I was decidedly silent during the presence of the human God and his immaculate companion. However that was not out of lack of knowledge. It was out of reverence and, damn my nostalgic and speeding mind, I honestly could not find the right question to ask. As I know Odin One-Eye’s time to be precious, and keeping around for trifling matters I could have asked about would be ill advised.

The one question my silly heart wanted to ask him would have been if my dear master Bareris was enjoying some of his sacred mead in Valhalla with him. But that would have been absurd to ask, for my master died bravely with his sword In hand and the glory of righteous battle fresh on his blade.

What I can tell you of the God is that he is a warrior’s deity. He is a fighter and loves nothing more than to witness a fantastic battle of proud hearts and strong dispositions. He and my Lady Haela must be kindred spirits in the heavens! He is the lord and master of his spiritual realm, and rules with a just yet incredibly stern hand.

The best way you, and we as well being your kinsmen, can repay him for such an amazing and generous gift of our proud and now incredibly majestic Gar, is very simple. We fight evil, and we fight it as hard and with as much honor as possible. He has transformed your companion and given life back to our brother for that purpose. Whatever his final plan I don’t believe is for us to know at this moment, however we can take a breif comfort in the fact that he has shown favor upon us. And we may expect a glorious and fantastic battle ahead.

So while we thank him, we must also prepare for the hardest fight of our lives for that is ensured to lie ahead of us…


Your words once again out shine anything I could say about my God. You mention your Master Bareris….. When I fell and before I was granted life again I was briefly in the Great Hall. There was a man singing with the voice of a God himself, he said something to me that did not make sense at the time but now does I believe. He told me this, “let my student know that no other man has ever had such a grand death song as the one he gave me. And that he is now become the master and I the student” he then let out a grand laugh as a dwarf brought him a another horn of mead, and they drank to “the new teacher”.
It made no sense to me at the time, and before I could inquire further the All Father brought me back to the world of the living. I think these might be the friends you speak of, if so know they are held high amongst the fallen in Valhalla.


Truly you saw… and they said…

You will have to give me a moment Bulgar… It seems for the first time in my life I have lost my words…

Sereggil Sereggil

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