Dwarven Game

A Ship Found (Sea Devils Reef Part.1)

An old Dragon that raged havoc upon the city slain, a crazy Dwarven ship captain found and his ship returned. The group walks thru the gates hailed as the heros of Lyrabar, and prepares to head out to the great open seas.

The Road South(Sea Devils Reef P. 1)
(This section will be for any side dialogue you wish to have on the trip, and will serve as a record of the trip)

The Group has gathered them selves up gathered supplies for the long trek(2 months)south. Both Bolthur and Golgrins homes are on the way, with planned stops at each one.

Sea Devils Reef

( said by The Garerl the next morning after the celebration party)

Once again my brothers I do not think i will ever be able to show or tell you how grateful I am to you all for what you have done. As Balthur said last night I look at you all as Kinsmen and you will always be treated as Heroes returning home when you come to my Hall.

Last night I spoke with each of you about a many different things, then spoke with my men and we have been abel to piece together lore and stories to what we believe will be a great adventure for you.

About to months travel to the north up the cost is a Human city call Lyrabar. About 100 miles or so off its cost is a place the sailors call Sea Devils Reef, it is a place filled with death sorrow and more shipwrecks than you can throw an axe at. There is a Captain I meet on my travels by the name of Blue Beard that is crazy enough to take you out there too. On top of that (as he turns to Golgrin) it is the last known sighting of the smith you and I spoke of, if you wish to find him that would be the best place to start looking. The route should also take you (Balthur) by your Kinsmen to let them know of there new home, if they wish it.

The one thing I do ask, and i am loath to ask it now but is a percentage of the coinage you pull form the quests I give to you. I will leave the number up to you as I trust you will be fair, and I have no choice but to trust you anyway, HA HA HA. Anything you need for your travels I am sure that Michael can arrange for you.

The Return to the Hall of the Bear King

Our heroes have done what no one else has even come close to achieving, the have cleared out the Hall of the Bear King. talking down 30 Frost Giants, 20 Ogres, 16 Winter wolves, 2 young white dragons, a Frost Giant fighter and a Frost Giant Cleric. You have collected a large amount of loot and wealth, slayed more monsters in one go than most will ever see in their lives. But more importantly you have given a long lost King and his people their home back, that alone will put you all in tales sung long after you are dead.

Once returned to the King there was a great feast at the Inn, deals struck and new homes made. There are many wounds to heal, and decisions to make as to the groups next steps.

The Hall of the Bear King

The Garerl (Bear Father) this is the dwarf that is hiring the group. The first mission is to reclaim his Hold. It was taken over by Frost Giants 100 years ago, most of his clan was whipped out. Only a handful of the clan made it out. That is when Wergar (war bear) became the clans new Garerl. There was an attempt 50 years ago to retake the Hold but it failed the last of the clans money and resources where lost, and Wergar lost his left arm while killing the “Jarl” of the Frost Giant clan and his Dragon. Sense then every 5 years he gathers group of adventures together promising fame and fortune to get them to retake the hold, and every time they fail.

Garkral (Bear Hall) was known for having there whole clan as Bear Riders. Being one of the reasons not many clans came to their help, as their clan is looked at as oddities due to their hight and chosen fighting style. They used to raise Dire Bears and use them as mounts and friends. (Wergars mount is now mounted as a trophy in the thrown room as she died saving his life) How ever many of clans tried to retake the hold for them selves as it was rumored to be rich with Mithral mines. None have as yet succeeded.

The offer for the first quest is this. Clear out the hold any thing you find on the giants is your to take with you, the treasure room and armory and anything you can’t take with you is to be left. After this job is done as promised he has maps and tomes telling of and showing the way to many many other riches and monsters.

Inn of the Weary Traveler

This is the Inn that is at the bottom of the Bear Kings mountain. It is small in with a main room a bar and a fire place. There is a full kitchen off the bar area, and 8 rooms in the back along with a small upstair area.

The Inn is owned and operated by Michael, a human of adverse height and appearance, looks to be in his mid 40’s. Michael is a bit of an odd fellow always claiming to be just a bar tender, but when travels seem to need anything he is always able to provide. He is a happy and cheerful fellow always ready to poor a drink and share one as well.

People that have stopped at the Weary Traveler have often spoken of the many changes that seem to happen in the bar. The main one being what seems to hang above the Inns fire place. There are four tales that people tell of what is over the fire place, and no one can ever quite remember which one the saw. Sword and Shield, this is the most commonly pairing that people mention. But there have been some that say the have seen a staff of burnt Ash wood with a small ruby fitted in a knot hole toward the top. There are those that also swear that they have seen a Warhammer of silver and gold crossed with some disk with animals on it, but this is commonly set aside as the people claiming to have seen this have normaly half dead when they stumbled into the bar. There is also a group to have claimed to see a Dragon Head mounted above the fire place, but this claim is looked at as the craziest one of all.


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