Dwarven Game

Sea Devils Reef

( said by The Garerl the next morning after the celebration party)

Once again my brothers I do not think i will ever be able to show or tell you how grateful I am to you all for what you have done. As Balthur said last night I look at you all as Kinsmen and you will always be treated as Heroes returning home when you come to my Hall.

Last night I spoke with each of you about a many different things, then spoke with my men and we have been abel to piece together lore and stories to what we believe will be a great adventure for you.

About to months travel to the north up the cost is a Human city call Lyrabar. About 100 miles or so off its cost is a place the sailors call Sea Devils Reef, it is a place filled with death sorrow and more shipwrecks than you can throw an axe at. There is a Captain I meet on my travels by the name of Blue Beard that is crazy enough to take you out there too. On top of that (as he turns to Golgrin) it is the last known sighting of the smith you and I spoke of, if you wish to find him that would be the best place to start looking. The route should also take you (Balthur) by your Kinsmen to let them know of there new home, if they wish it.

The one thing I do ask, and i am loath to ask it now but is a percentage of the coinage you pull form the quests I give to you. I will leave the number up to you as I trust you will be fair, and I have no choice but to trust you anyway, HA HA HA. Anything you need for your travels I am sure that Michael can arrange for you.


This sounds like a fine little adventure for my axes. I will pledge my services if the group will take them. My only request is that I get first crack at any dragons we find along the way… HAHAHAH. That and anything that will help me on my own journey to the death of (dragon’s name we haven’t figured out yet… lol) of course.

Sea Devils Reef

I am still a far ways from the coin necessary for my father’s release, and an assemblage of shipwrecks sounds like a fine place to have my means advanced. Besides, I am anxious to speak with my siblings. You can count me in.
As to a tribute to your Hall, well (chuckles) with this group I’m sure you will be very well rewarded for the reference.

Sea Devils Reef

Alright Lads,
It seems we can kill several birds with one stone. On the way to Waterdeep we can swing by me hold, visit Bolthur’s kin, get to the city rent a . . . . He shivers just at the though A boat, and get to tha island in good time. It is good fortune that all of these destinations are on our way!

Sea Devils Reef

A boat is an abhorrent thing. But it could make for a fantastic story!

Sea Devils Reef
Sereggil Sereggil

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